dear ana ,

it's really nice to know that u even understand a lil' bit of my mother tongue , so we could maybe chat or phone one day & if my english won't work anymore , i could tell u in german , what i think & how i feel about certain things in life !!! smile

this leads to existential problems and also the fact that most people of my age are going through some sort of crisis about working, nobody is satisfied with their jobs, this society is too competitive and for souls like me and these friends it's very hard to find peace of mind.
believe it or not , but i understand u perfectly , dear ana !!! *sigh*
i've been there too ... more than once & had my times of deepest depressions & even suicidal tendencies , where only music & a very few TRUE_FRIENDS help me through this "dark ages" of my life !!!
i really think that u are very much like me - a very sensitive person , who wants to take care & help others ... mostly without askin' for anythin' in return & jus' offerin' a helpin' hand totally unconditional !!!

sadly in today's world we are complete "outsiders" , who won't get back what we are willin' & also able to give , because the pure greed of the great majority of people on this planet is simply too "established" in society & also in their minds to change from one day to the other , so it will take a rather long time for us to change it - even if such events like "live 8" or somethin' similar will help us all to @ least think some further about , where mankind in general has already drifted off or will drift off very soon , if we don't stand up united & jus' say "STOP_IT_NOW_!!!" , simply because it's all sooo wrong !!! frown

basically it takes 3 things to change the world for the better : the persistent will to do it , the unity of like-minded people , who'll continue to devote their lives against all odds for this greater cause & the humbleness to accept its capacious consequences - no matter , how hard they might ever be !!!

please don't get me wrong , but i'm NOT some kind of religious or otherwise fanatic , but i DEFINITELY know , where i stand & also where i want to go in life - without the shadow of a doubt ... even if some people may not believe or like this fact !!!

[ ... ]

u are maybe right that this jus' isn't the right place to talk so openly about it & therefore i suggest that we discuss this & other matters privately some deeper & further , if u want to ... & also like or even need someone to talk to , dear ana !!! smile
jus' send me a private mail to olaf_juerss @ ( without the spaces in between , of course wink ) & i'll even send u my telephone number in return , if u like to talk to me directly then !!! wink

(out of curiosity, once I had a friend from Hagen, Germany, and his name was Olaf too).
nope , i'm not from hagen - like german pop star nena laugh - nor do i know any guy called olaf from hagen , sorry !!!

however ... in all honesty ,

- olaf , "the voice ( of 'ev radio' )" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />