Hello Olaf
once again thank you, I will check the website you suggested. and yours too, I know a little bit of german.

I am not very well today, last november a friend suicided and yesterday another friend threaten to do so, he left the city and nobody knows where he is. I'm in a mess because both of them were a bit more than friends to me and I'm starting to wonder what kind of effect I have on people, specially people with drug problems and problems in socializing. this leads to existential problems and also the fact that most people of my age are going through some sort of crisis about working, nobody is satisfied with their jobs, this society is too competitive and for souls like me and these friends it's very hard to find peace of mind.
I am very worried about this, but maybe this isn't the place to talk about it. it's a very long and complicated story. I'm very bothered by the way young people see Art today, specially music. everybody wants to be rich and famous and lead an unhealthy life. I can't stand the rock n' roll image anymore.
when I said I'm trying to be alright and focusing on my health I was refering to my addictions. I was 13 years addicted to heroin and my life has been very complicated in all levels of existance.
now all my energies are concentrated on growing inside, making myself better because I do believe in happyness and the simple things in life.

and sure we can support each other (out of curiosity, once I had a friend from Hagen, Germany, and his name was Olaf too). I'm very happy to have you as a friend.

and please, call me Ana