hi again , miss "major crisis" ! smile

btw : u can call me olaf !!! wink

well ... sometimes in life our artistic expressions get "lost" somehow , because ev'ryday life keeps us ( too ) busy & @ the end of the day , we are simply too exhausted to do anythin' else then ... which is exactly the way i feel today !!! *phew*

we should learn to make some short breaks in between & then let our creativity jus' flow ... smile
that's actually , when it works best for me ... anyway !!!

however ... always tryin' to be "good" & doin' things right will indeed only distract us from bein' really "good" @ whatever we do , because we are so concerned & worried about "doin' the right thing" that it most likely won't work out that way !!! shocked

therefore i suggest that especially such sensitive people like u & me take a step back instead & that "serenity may lead us on its path into a fearless future ..." wink

it won't take long & our usual enthusiasm & the much needed motivation will kick in again & works miracles actually !!! *utmost_convinced_smile*

so it's not jus' "nice" , but simply NECESSARY - as i've already posted in another thread in my own "ev radio" sub-category of this forum - to get some feedback from others to let us see things in a diff'rent light maybe ... or jus' feel supported in one way or the other !!! smile

btw : i suppose that i really FEEL , what u feel too , miss "major crisis" - no matter , how silly this may sound to the great majority of people - & we can both support each other therefore !!!

p. s. : your voice somehow reminded me very much - but in a positive way smile - of the one of tori chlumsky from canada , which is also a very interestin' "new" artist ( see http://www.indiscover.net/owner.php?id=68 for example , as her own website is currently down ) !!!

however ... in all honesty ,

- olaf , "the voice ( of 'ev radio' )" <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />