Edit 2/12

Things have moved on yet again...it looked as if the auction was possible after all for a while provided there was more interest from folk in donating work and we overcame a few practicalities. However, some of the difficulties relating to central facilities for receiving pics,storage,insurance and despatch are not so easily resolved.

Unfortunately, after further discussion given the practical difficulties/obstacles to proceeding and the limited number of donors I've reluctantly concluded that it really does need someone more 'visible/known' with the facilities, experience, know how and contacts to take over. The idea is being 'floated' to see if someone meeting those criteria and who can draw in donors might be willing to take this on either as an online auction or physical auction.

In meantime those of us who wish to can auction or sell an individual piece and donate funds.

And a big thank you to H and Lynne...sorry guys!