Si thanks for correcting me. I had could swear this track is from the album VISAGE. But I looked immediatelay after viewing your comment on my Polydor-copy. You are right, it is not to find below the 10 tracks! And the song is also not to find on another VISAGE-CD I own. But I knew I have it on CD, definitely not on a Lynott-CD, because I don't own one. So I searched through all the my CDs, guess where I found it: On the Chrysalis-compilation IF I WAS: THE VERY BEST OF MU & UVOX. The song was cowritten and additionally remixed by Midge. In the booklet is also written that YELLOW PEARL was taken from Solo In Soho-Vertigo Release 8425632. As I said, I had could swear it's from VISAGE's 1st one. Everyday something new, and this stuff is already more than 25 years old now. I am getting old I think.
BTW: Is it worth looking for the Lynott's Album?