Maybe this should be part of the "live in Brighton" thread, but it's now POST concert, so I thought we'd start again.
I'm writing a full review and will post that (somewhere) soon.

Here's a quick summary of John's contribution:

He walked on quietly, dressed in a grey shirt and black suit, after Bill Nelson had played two vignettes on acoustic guitar, entitled "The Bride in The Trees" and "The Widow in The Trees" with Harold. With Bill on electric guitar and Harold on piano, John performed a piece in two movements entitled "The Trees Alone" on which he overlaid his unique choral hymn-like vocal (in Cathedral Oceans style)
The second movement of the piece was John singing in Latin (?) accompanied only by Harold, simpler but longer, with the vocal enhanced through a synthesizer.
He was on stage for about twelve minutes, but the performance was magical.
New material too, not from the T & DM collaboration and quite different.

At the end he waved to the audience, outstretched his arm to acknowlege Harold, grinning broadly.

This was really something special.
Thank you John