Hi guys

As those of you who were at Paul and Pip's nuptials back in February will know, Don and Mike from Monument and myself have teamed up to form a new electro/covers project called Party Fears Three. So far we've done a couple of weddings and our first offical public gig was last month supporting 2-Tone legends The Beat in Edinburgh. Off the back of that, we're now pleased to announce our first headlining gig here in Edinburgh. It's in just over a month's time and is going to be held at The Citrus Club, which will be familiar to those of you who have travelled north to see the Monument boys play there.

In terms of what to expect, we cover a wide range of material from the early to mid eighties period (more or less) but although we take a lot of trouble to ensure many of the sounds we use are evocative of the original material, for the most part these aren't just straight covers - many of the songs feature new arrangements and/or come in extended versions. As well as a good helping of the classic tracks from the time, we also like to include the odd hidden gem which those of you who know their synth music may well recognise but may also think 'blimey, haven't heard THAT one for a while!' As well as the sounds, our show also includes syncronised lights and videos for that complete eighties experience. All in all, we hope to put on a show that fans of the eighties and electronic music in general will enjoy and won't hear anywhere else!

Being in Edinburgh, we know this isn't something that will be easy for many of you to get to but if you are able to (and don't forget, Edinburgh during the Festival is a great place to be in August), it would be great to see you and we promise a great night of music for you!

Incidentally, picking up on something mentioned over in the Monument forum, I can assure you Don would be here to post this himself if it were not for the fact he's currently away in Cyprus with his family, but he'll be back soon and will be noising you all up I'm sure about our latest venture. I should also mention that this doesn't mean Monument are in any way shape or form disbanding, so don't worry there!