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Hi all,

I'm new on the forums but have been passionate about Ultravox (and Visage) for 30 (eek!) years. I was at the Hammersmith concert a couple of weeks ago (upsatairs, sadly) and have just booked a hotel in Luxembourg for the grand finale on May 5th. More on that later!

Meanwhile, ever since first trying a synthesiser hands-on in a music equipment shop in Newcastle, many years ago, I've tried to make music of my own. And, despite many setbacks over the intervening period, I've finally got a few near enough finished that they're not too embarrassing to play to a wider audience.

So, for your listening "delight" here's a link:


... where you'll find half a dozen tracks.

All words and vocals are by Una and the site *will* get a bit more polished when we finally agree on an act name for more than a week!

Feedback very much appreciated!

Best wishes to all

Hi David

I enjoyed listening to your tracks. Very 80's! Quite 'La Roux' 'EBTG'.

Yes, it's about 30 years for me, first UV concert was in 1981.

Where else do you publish your tracks? Have you tried soundcloud? This is me...


All the best