Thanks guys, for a great gig. I enjoyed it immensely.

Harking back to the concerts we played with the band; in terms of tightness and vibe (that mysterious quality) you were, all, right up there. There were only two things missing as far as I'm concerned, and I don't mean us (Messengers), Tommy covered that area nicely; 1- a whiteout floodlight on the end of Vienna(which was superb!) and, 2- the drum extravaganza to round things off. Sucker punches I know, but they work a treat with us punters.

Ultravox's cannon is not the easiest of material to attempt, but you did it justice in all departments.

Thanks again, and looking forward to the next one(after Greenock, that is).

P.S. It was very nice to see, Martin,Carol,E.G.Ekin,Pip and Sonja, sorry I had to bail out and catch the train.