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Will there be any photos and a review of the show for those who never got there, including the new setlist.

I have a few pictures,which didnt come out that well.

I have a quicktime of them playing Hiroshima Mon amour but its over 100Mb,which is too big for youtube.I've had a go at converting down to a smaller size but the sound goes haywire.

They did 3 Foxx numbers,the afore mentioned as well as Slow Motion & Quiet Men.

I cant remember the setlist order but they played the following in no particular order:-

Hiroshima Mon Amour (started with it I think)
Slow Motion
Quiet men
Visions in Blue
New Europeans
All Stood Still
One Small Day
Dancing with tears in my eyes
They did a song from Uvox (Same old Story?)
We stand alone (I have video of this)

They closed with an encour which was The Voice closing down with the drum pads,which I have some shaky footage of.

One of the band members tripped over the drumpad cable & send the drum pad flying at the very end.

I will post some stuff when I can sort it out.