It is with deep regret that I have to say that I won't be able to be in Crewe for the Monumental occasion. Work has conspired against life to once again deprive me of the heady drug of good music played live and well kickin', innit.

I hope the evening goes with an appropriate level of pomp and magnificence and that the fine ales of Crewe run as free as mighty rivers. Or something. I've no doubt it'll be excellent and I'm annoyed not to be able to be there.

Incidentally, should anyone be in the vicinity of the Clachan, near London's Oxford Street tubing station, on Tuesday, 9th October, they could be worse advised than to venture upstairs for 19:00 Hrs. There, the chaser after culture in the form of short stories read by professional performers will find a veritable cauldron of tales upon the theme of "Ghosts and Monsters", all presented under the banner of LIARS' LEAGUE, purveyors of culture to the knowing and discerning. It costs nobbut three sterling pounds to enter, and to enjoy thereafter is free. Oh, and I'm reading.