Hello all,its been a while so Let me enlighten you to what's been happening.

As you may be aware, Gav, the drummer had to leave the band due to unfortunate family circumstances. We wish him and his family all the best.

Gav's position has been taken by Tommy, who expressed an interest in the band after the original lineup was put together. It was at Tommys studio White 52 that we rehearsed so he seemed like a nutural successor to Gav.

Over the last month we have been rehearsing constantly and are back, i would say, at the stage we were just before Gav left. Our first gig looks to be a local one for us, in Greenock Town Hall. We have been approached to play at a local fundraiser/awareness gig against cutbacks to our local hospital. No date has been set yet but it looks like it will be sometime in October. Watch this space for details. I hope to see as many people from the board there as possible. After this we should be getting out there gigging on our own, but, ideally i think it would be nice if we could get an official Voxgate organised that is central to everyone that we will play at. Now I know Cerise is extremely busy and cannot dedicate the time to do this (as much as she'd like to) so lets see a show of hands of those who are prepared to get something organised and we can progress from there.

I think thats all for now, if not, i'm sure Mike or Sleepy will be on to add more.

Take care folks, see you soon.

Davy B

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