Hi Folks,

just got home from the Monument gig in Crewe. :p

Well done guys, great show, strong set list.... smile

If I may be so bold, a couple of comments..... :p

I was with Chris "lampie" and he said that your version of quiet man is as good if not better than JF's, and he should know, he's been working with Foxx for long enough.... laugh

I actually thought that your version of The Voice is the best I've heard for a long time, just love you guys to get some pads and thrash out the drum patterns and sequences. NOW THAT would be a finale and a half. bemused

I dont feel the back line hitches you had affected the show too much, I along with everyone else enjoyed it!!

Nice to catch up with some old friends, nice to put a face to Ari too!!

Keep the faith guys, you will go far.

Top show....