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Unfortunately, Shirl, you're rather limited for choice when it comes to accomodation in Greenock. There's really only 3 hotels and a couple of B&Bs. If you widen your search to include Gourock you might get a few more. There are plenty of bus services operating to get you around and the views are pretty spectacular. [/Inverclyde tourist board mode]
Also, with Slanj being a pub rather than a club, we'll have to get all the equipment out after the gig, so there will be a couple of folk staying sober enough to drive, so you should be able to cadge a lift... wink
Thanks for the info and for the lift offer, Mike. I've had a look on various sites and found (though not yet contacted) a rather nice looking place in Inverkip. Is anyone going back through to city centre Glasgow, or would there be a possibility of someone getting me to the train station for a late train through to Glasgow? My option would be to book a bed at the Eurohostel. Failing that, I'll get in touch with the folk at Inverkip..