Ey-up Mike!!! wink
Well, not a curry tale as such but there might be one on the way soon. Been invited to a 'Taster' night in South Shields - end o tha month. excited
There's a new Injun eaterie opening where the old After Dark neetclub used ti be. Two nights afore the grand opening is the taster-do. Yon Jalal wants feedback on his nosh to iron out any dodgy dishes when the doors open propa. He wants Conny's Pig there, wirran emty belly eek Free o charge anarl Mike, plus free cobra arl neet av heard. Well Jalal says 'Will you be attending Piggy' silly question eh. He says 'I thought you might have other commitments'

Aye, right Jalal. A said to him 'Eh...me...miss a neet of free Injun scran....YIV GOT MARE CHANCE O' KNITTIN' YOGHURT' laugh

So a curry tale could well be on the horizon. As for the new Monument gig. Aye, Mr Sleepsta has filled uz in owa the phone and this could be a defo for Piglet....not before time too.

See ya at the City Hall in April Mike...and ere...nee chuckin' popcorn arruz eh. wink