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Fishcake And Chips eh Snashy smile
Ere kidda, with this here credit crunch gannin' on, that might be on the menu for me in April. Am parshel tirra Vindaloo me'sel, old son - followed by a few beers before retiring to yon hotel. Av gorra custom made 'Exhaust System' to speed up my return to the hotel. Ya see, efta a few beers one tends to slow down and stagger alang the road to the hotel ten blocks away. Out comes the 'Exhaust System' - a home made contraption that moulds around the seat of your pants and gets strapped at the front of yer waist. It has twin feeder pipes sticking out the back. It's made of aluminium but is lined to prevent first degree burns to the arse-cheeks - a sort of HEAT SHIELD if you wish. Then once the vindaloo vapour reaches 'Outlet Valve' of yer bum, it's off we go. A quick rally of 3 pumps and you're most definately off and running - laugh and back to the hotel within a matter of seconds. Mind you, I often get chased by the folks walking behind me when the 'Exhaust' hits full power, as it were.
A good laugh though, but not when it needs cleaning out of the odd vindaloo residue here and there. shocked
roflmao I like a vindaloo or jalfrezi takeaway myself. Get's embarassing next day when you have walked to the launderette after cleaning out the exhaust pipes. You then find there is still some excess & have to ask a local shopkeeper if you can use his bog or risk an explosion of the bum cheeks in yer haste to dash home!!