Hi guys…I don’t know whether you’ve seen the recent postings on the ‘What are you listening to?’ thread but I’ve decided to make a direct request anyway.

I’ve heard that Monument gigs are pretty good and well worth going to and now I've found out from comments on the board that Helen used to sing with a band so any chance of you persuading her to do backing vocals at some of your gigs? Because if I made it down there in October for your next gig I’d love to hear you do ‘Man of Two Worlds’ and you would need a female vocalist for that.

Its not definite I’ll find the means to get there but I am desperate to see Midge again soon so it’d be great if I could also take in a Monument gig too and see Helen as well as yourselves in performance. It would make the long, expensive trek even more worthwhile.

And if I didn’t make it maybe some kind soul with a camcorder would be prepared to record it!?

Anyway, please have a think about it.