Are ya pet? Hey, whats brought all that on ? Maybe the sight of my avatar has got ya hormones a jumpin' about eh shock I look very similar to it in real life ya knar petal...nee jestin !

Just mek sure yev got the drinks lined up when a walk through that door eh pet otherwise yel see the business end o' me trotter wink laugh

And just afore a gan, az parshel ti battered haggis wi thick rich gravy ana boat loada chips. Make sure ya can point owld porky in the reet direction as nee visit ti' Bonny Scotland would be complete without samplin' them delights.

Or mebeez ya dee a braw haggis wi bashed neeps yersel Sass ! Then again...........

Anyways, do look afta thee 'sel over the holz pet, and put some candy away for the gig....yer gonna need it lass. wink