I must say your very easiy amused if THIS has you rolling on the floor laughing!?

No was actually rolling on floor laughing at the thought of you thinking you got one over on some of us, you silly woman wink

Still I'm smirking by the fact that it's been under discussion!!! <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" /> [/QB]
dont get to excited, after all what was being discussed is the fact that you are a lonely woman who feels she needs to go behind others backs to make a few friends.

Sorry Cerise, saw your post and maybe I should not have said this, but someone needs to stand up to her. I have been a visitor on this site for over two years and it seems since Leggy arrived all hell has broken loose. Sure enough to put new people and other visitors off. :rolleyes: sad Everytime Sassy posts something Leggy has to put her two cents in. Enough people have had a go at Sassy, time for someone to have a go at Leggy.

Right I have said my peace I will humbly bow and leave. smile