I have NEVER text you Sassy, and I haven't said anything in any texts or emails to Don that I haven't already said to you! I can assure the the contents of which have never been malicious! I don't see why this is an issue for the forum, you have my email address.... you obviously like an audience Sassy!
As for me having some serious issues..... I take it one of those many degrees you have is a psychology degree is it?
This section of the forum was to confirm who was going on the 21st... I have already been told that you won't be there! However, if you are... I am glad that I won't bump into you. And you are not meeting us prior to gig, so why continue to post on this thread?!

True colours.... I hope you have a mirror nearby (no doubt you do!), I really think you need to look at yourself!

Many appologies to everyone else reading this thread, hopefully this will be an end to the conversation!