All right ladies and gentlemen! D-day is closing...

But there has been talk about this Saturday gig at Greenock as well! I am in the middle of questions here "among polar bears" (I have been asked once, do they live in Helsinki - that happened across the Atlantic ocean years ago... laugh ) because of Hotel problem.

So, If I go to Greenock, how can I get back to Edinburgh in the night? Bus, train...? Or should I find place to stay in Greenock then for one night. Well...?!?!?

How you other travellers are going to deal with this?

"Help me Monument-obi-ones-Kenobis? You are my only hope" laugh

My flight departure at 23JAN 2005 13:15 .

I am arriving at 20JAN 2005 12:15 .

CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!