Originally posted by ari:
"Who is defenitely coming?" ME!

(Ash), have you booked/found any cheap hotel yet?

Monument Boys is there B&B somewhere near Citrus Club? I am just thinking after photographing you on stage, I would love to drop my camera-stuff to somewhere safe before entering Planet Earth. Sleepwalker, maybe I could leave me gear the same place where you keep your precious synths overnight - if itīs safe to your "loved ones" itīs safe for my camera....

Carrying such a stuff I have in a club (where people is drinking, getting drunk) itīs not fun for anybody.... And I could drink and relax a bit too without stress of loosing my working tools laugh

Well.... weīll see wink

Ari, can you please get some decent pics of these guys...ones without plaster fallin on Mikeys head and at least one with Sleepy's head up and not resembling Elton John so much...looking forward to meeting you at the gig