Hey all, where do I start? Well, as many of you know an have tracked...... this band was born on, and developed on, this very website.... Cheers Cerise wink We have played a few gigs to a few of the regulars in such exotic places as Edinburgh and Crewe. BUT!!! We need more stimulation than that!! What we need is, a venue which is central to most people, we don't mind bringing the show to you guys.... So, what we are looking for is a commitment from you all, and i mean every REGULAR on here to get together for an official Ultravox! Voxgate.. We are committed, Cerise, as always, is committed, are you? All we want is a few more of the regulars to say, yes, i'll be there and we can get together and have one of those nights that we can say ..... Let's do this more often.... I don't know why we waited so long....... and basically see and meet the imaginary faces we talk to on this site. So, in short, we are willing to play for you guys.........You name the place...... and we all chip in and see what we come up with. I an prepared to coordinate...... Cerise, are you up for a partnership?

Who knows, Warren even said He'd jam with us if he ever had the chance, so he may even come to an event which was supported by you beautiful people.

Speak soon..... Davy