Fair cop sunna, you've well & truly caught me wi ma pants doon! shocked

I think the last time i remember you saying that, the clubs you had in mind wouldnt entertain "Tribute Bands"???

I'll get those CD's off to you 1st thing tomorrow kidda ok? We have a press kit if you want that also?

We only have the live stuff that Ari did for us, so don't have any studio demo's simply because we don't see the point in it, being a live act!

Is that ok? I will call you at the office this afternoon & once again Mr Hughes my most humble apologies, grumble, grumble....cringe

You're on the same list of peeps that i also havent sent CDR's to IE Si-W, CP & Mike-C, will get onto it chaps :rolleyes: wink

Oi..! There's nae P in Thomson bonnie lad, it's silent as in bath...Capiche :p