I've landed back at base. Yes a few transport problems at weekend - I went to a gig in Canning Town on the Saturday and got stuck with station closures etc - eventually Bank reopened but there were a few line closures. Sunday was more straight forward. LOVED the venue!!! slightly bigger than the UV venue in Helsinki I have to say!! (well the stage certainly was!) - but it was great! Nice to see everyone - Gillian I KNOW you had a great time - I could see you dancing out of the corner of my eye!! lol I have a uni assignment to hand in this Friday which I have not started yet - so next week I shall go through all the photos. Got to go through Saturday's too as they want ones of a particular guitar that was being used - for some album launch promo. Got a good one of Don doing the drum scene at the end!

The gig was excellent - a few technical hitches but hardly surprising with all that gear !! How much gear on stage? lol. Mine for Life was a VERY pleasant surprise!! and the Voice - was most excellent - played old style - LOTS of PUNCH!!! Loved it. I'm preferring this to the more laid back version of today! Your singer - who's name escapes me as I don't know that much about you guys - is very convincing - image wise and vocally.