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<strong> A Voxgate / 80's - Electro party, with drink & tabs...& gurls! confused2
Am sure owld Hitchy'll and his good lady will find space on the chebble for a plate o' bhaji's or summat similar. Ey-up!

Mind you, am nor arf lookin' forward to this Party Fears 3 carry-on. Oh yes! Are yiz takkin' requests in advance like? If so, will yiz dee BRIMFUL OF ASHA and al join in on Sitar, because as you already know, I'm a whiz on it.

Booking hotel next week. A posh affair. Looking ever so forward... laugh

Mr Pig

PS - THOMSON - You're gonna get a 'Hairy Side' when a see yer next. Re : Text Message!!!!! mad shocked biglaugh