Tips n Tricks eh Paul. A dunno bout that like, but a might hoy a few tricks your way in the Injunz. Hev ya ever seen Vindaloo eaten through the nose? Rather messy affair if a say so me'sel. Just as well they dish oot them warm wipes at the end. shocked . Nee Injunz in Feb, but April eh.

Mr Baillie - yes, an eyeball is well over due. Your description of the PF3 outfit had me choking on my 29p tin of Emerge from BM Bargains!!! A kinda 'Poor Mans Red Bull' frown I might even get up on the stage me'sel as I'm currently working on a Sitar version of Simple Minds 'Waterfront'. Mind you, a dinny wanna empty the place so a might just stick it on YouTube instead.

Well it promises to be a cracking occasion, does it not. God help the bog janitor if there's any Injun scran on the boofay! shocked