Just listened to "We shall Fall" by Mehdi Touzani. Wow, that's really cool! Very groovy, Nightclub-music. I really love it. Although it reminds me more of Visage than Ultravox I gave 10 points. It's a really great song! Have You done more songs like this? The guitar reminds me of Midge Ure.
By the way, Mehdi: no, You didn't upset me at all with Your comments smile .

Sly, now I have listened to Your tracks, too. I really like them, and I think polish works really great for vocals. And I really like Your voice.
"As Chilly as Ice" has a very strong 80s feeling. It reminds me of something, but I don't know yet of what. But I like it!
"On a great Map" features "Warren-like" drums and "Midge-like" guitar. The part after the guitar solo is cool. It's a great song!
I gave 9 and 10 points (or was it 10 and 9 points?).