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[b]Mrs. X: Ah, I see. Yes, that was achieved. It's a very strange sounding version. But it has to be, when it reminds me of Lynch... wink

You know, I just realised (and this is also in my notes about this song (are they up yet?)): Mr. X had the original idea for the instrumentation, and he's a Lynch fan. Coincidence? I'll have to ask him. smile

I'm no great fan of normal capella, but when it comes to experiment with the voice then it can be great. At last Jarre's Zoolook is some kind of capella, too, isn't it?

I'm not that familiar with Jean-Michel Jarre's work, sorry. frown capella can sound really cool, I think, if you use great effects for the vocals, and maybe some other effects to go along with it as well. "Just For A Moment" might have worked out wonderfully like that, but I do like how it turned out with what instrumentation there is in there!

The drums in "Lament" are great, I just thought that this one sound (I don't know the word) is a bit too loud. You know, this "electronic open hi-hat". But how can I be a critic in case of drums? The drumtrack is always the one I have the largest problems with when I do a song.
Please keep us informed about Your further musical projects!
You might be talking about the splash cymbal. It was the closest thing I could find to use to simulate the sound I was trying to simulate (pardon the redundancies). I know what you mean about having problems with drum tracks. I was not looking forward to doing the drums to that song! I thought it was going to be a nightmare! But it worked out as well as it could, and I hope Warren will be forgiving. laugh

Once Mr. X and I have completed some original work, I will pass them along! (Oooh, this gives me incentive to get working!) Maybe something might be eligible for the next "Best Original" competition! We shall see! wink

I have received your email, Nils, and responded to it! Thanks!

Mrs. X