Mehdi: Married? Well, nothing's perfect wink . Keep in touch with her, I would love to hear more collaborations of You both (I mean musical wink ).

Mrs. X: Ah, I see. Yes, that was achieved. It's a very strange sounding version. But it has to be, when it reminds me of Lynch... wink .
I'm no great fan of normal capella, but when it comes to experiment with the voice then it can be great. At last Jarre's Zoolook is some kind of capella, too, isn't it?
The drums in "Lament" are great, I just thought that this one sound (I don't know the word) is a bit too loud. You know, this "electronic open hi-hat". But how can I be a critic in case of drums? The drumtrack is always the one I have the largest problems with when I do a song.
Please keep us informed about Your further musical projects!
And by the way: check Your mailbox, you have just received an appr. 420kByte email.

Jesper: really, You had a cold? I don't hear that. But so Your vox is indeed "cool" wink . Did You play the guitar or Ole?
"The Persuaders", cool! I love the series (and of course Barry's music), the german dubbing was directed and translated by a genius named Rainer Brandt. He also spoke Danny Wilde and it was very funny! Critics say that it was even better than in the original.
Do You have a homepage?

Ari: Good to know that the CDs have arrived! Yes, Vangelis is propably my biggest influence. I'm sure it was "Dream" that made You think of "Voices"? It might remind of "Prelude".

Dr. Tasak: well, with "lounge style" I's even hard to describe in german. And today seems to be my "day of lost words".... . Those wah wah effects, the way the drums sound, the clear soundscape of the song. Maybe anyone knows the word I'm searching for???
Of course You should start looking for a sponsor. No joke! Well, here are some guys in this forum who have the experiences with the music-industry. Maybe they take care?? wink
The link to the pics says something like "forbidden"... .
EDIT: know it works, there was a full-stop at the end of the url that made it not working. Interesting pics, nice guitars! Who is who, by the way?