Hi all,

I really enjoyed listening to all of the entries.

Great to hear so many creative interpretations of good old Ultravox tracks.

Nils: Thank you for your nice view on my vocal on "We Stand Alone". For your information I had a cold when we recorded the vocal last friday so it could be better, but thats the name of the game smile

What music do You all do when You don't cover Ultravox?

Well, I have been making electronic music since I was 16, so that must be....eeh...wait a sec...hmmm...for 19 years now...my god laugh

I have been participating in different projects but now I make music with Ole (more 80īs style)and I have my own project making dance/trance music. I actually released a single 3 years ago here in Denmark, which was a dance version of the theme for the series "Pursuaders".

Anyway, looking forward to hearing from Warren, I am glad I am not in his shoes when he has to pick the winners viking