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[b]Just for a moment - Mrs. X
Very ambient soundscape, could appear in a David Lynch-movie. I miss the piano part a bit though. And after "Silence" it doesn't run that smooth as the original, the "cut" is a bit hard. But then again it gives it something ..... searching the word..............I mean it sounds as if You (or the lyric's main character) really knew what You want.

Thanks, Nils! Since he's a big David Lynch fan, I think Mr. X will appreciate that comment! wink I wanted to make this remix as minimal as possible. My original thought was to do it ŕ capella (with very little to no instrumentation whatsoever)! But Mr. X had this idea of making it sound very sort of atmospheric, and I wanted an eerie feel to go along with it. I think that was achieved! The "silence" bit was supposed to echo and fade into...silence. I think that was done well, for the most part. I do try to put a lot of emotion into my singing (since that's what I do best), and I think "Just For A Moment" was a good song to do that with. smile

[b]Lament - Mrs. X
The music and sounds are very close to the original ((((((but the drums are a bit too present for my taste)))))). As for the singing: it's a bit too deep for Midge also (e.g. "Rewind" DVD), so what??
Mrs. X, who did the backing vox? Was it also You?
Do You know Stina Nordenstam? If not, then take a listen to "Ask the Mountains" of Vangelis' CD "Voices". Your voice would really fit with that kind of music!! She has a similar clear voice. And she's not very tall also wink .

Ah, the drums... I tried to get the drums right, and I thought I'd come close. I didn't notice them being too loud or anything, but if they were...sorry! Drums are not my forté (sorry Warren!). I play keyboards/synths, am learning to create music on the PC (as I did with these songs) and I sing. I suppose I could get into drum machines and suchlike... smile

Backing vocals - the backing during the verses ("After all the pain/just to twist again" and "After all the pain/just to burn again") was done by my wonderful husband Mr. X as well as the "ohhh" at the very end of the song. I did the rest, since he didn't think he could do them himself.

No, I'm not familiar with Stina Nordenstam, but I'll have a listen to her singing sometime! I do like Vangelis' work. smile

How the hell should someone name "the best" one of those songs? I couldn't do that, they are all wonderful. I'll have to vote with 10 points quite often.

What music do You all do when You don't cover Ultravox? Would love to hear of those!

I find it interesting that there are so many really giftet musicians (and I [b]mean
musicians) here on the forum! Come on, let us hear You on radio![/b]
I agree. As it has been said before, Warren definitely has his work cut out for him! (I'm at the edge of my seat already awaiting his input!)

Speaking for myself, as you will see in my notes for "Lament" when they go up, this is my first attempt at stuff like this. smile Mr. X has done instrumental re-creations of Depeche Mode tracks, and a few songs of his own, plus written lyrics for songs that I'm supposed to help with with the music for! (He's also asked me to write lyrics too.) Now that I've had some experience creating music, I could probably try and do my own material. After all...I've been wanting a career in music for the last 20 years!

Mrs. X