I wanted to comment things when I downloaded all, but I'll do it now for the songs I have already listened to... .

The Ascent - Ari Leppa
This is the evidence that Ultravox' instrumentals even work with a modern sounddesign. I'm sure if You play this to someone who doesn't know the original, then he would doubtless think this has always been the original version. Okay, maybe he would ask about the voice and who would be the "most musical group live come across" wink .

Just for a moment - Mrs. X
Very ambient soundscape, could appear in a David Lynch-movie. I miss the piano part a bit though. And after "Silence" it doesn't run that smooth as the original, the "cut" is a bit hard. But then again it gives it something ..... searching the word..............I mean it sounds as if You (or the lyric's main character) really knew what You want.

Lament - SAT Project
It definitely has something very positive. It is 'Lament', but it doesn't lead into total darkness, there is a glimmer of hope.
I also love the "lounge-style" (I hope You know what I mean). And: You use an E-Bow there, don't You? Love that thing and must have one soon.... .
This version sounds very up-to-date, I bet it could be successful when released as a single!
Tasak: Your photos on the HP are very small. Any larger?

Lament - Mrs. X
The music and sounds are very close to the original ((((((but the drums are a bit too present for my taste)))))). As for the singing: it's a bit too deep for Midge also (e.g. "Rewind" DVD), so what??
Mrs. X, who did the backing vox? Was it also You?
Do You know Stina Nordenstam? If not, then take a listen to "Ask the Mountains" of Vangelis' CD "Voices". Your voice would really fit with that kind of music!! She has a similar clear voice. And she's not very tall also wink .

Mystere X - Mehdi Touzani
Wow!!! The music seems to be more or less the same as in Your former version, which was already very impressive. But this is just perfect!! The girl is not the same as in "Fade to Grey", is she wink ? This, too, might be successful if released now. Maybe when played in clubs. I also love the effects on her voice.
Eeeerm........by the way: she sounds as if she would look beautiful. Does she laugh ?

New Europeans - Monument
This rocks! It's very close to the original and my legs won't stop shaking with the beat. Yeah, the drums in the slow part sometimes seem to be not quite "on the point", but I don't think that's an important fact.
Absolutely great!!

The Thin Wall - Retrovox
What can I say? Wow!!! Is it a formerly unknown mix of an Ultravox-version?? The voice is not the same, okay, but that's all, isn't it? Sadly the sound of this mp3 is a bit hollow/muffled. But that's only the mp3 I think.
By the way: who are You in the forum (nicknames)?

The Voice - Monument
Same as for "New Europeans": this rocks!!!!!!!! There was not such a great version since 1984!!! Can't wait to see You live. Hope this will happen one day.... .
Love the "collapsing" of the solo-synth after the piano-part, when it changes into white noise and the stops. Phantastic!
Is there clean guitar with wah-effect in the chorus?

We stand alone - Stealth
I can only say what has already been said: G.R.E.A.T.!!!!!! The way it is sung is very cool, the voice is great, guitar and synth work also. Absolutely GREAT! And I love that the songs ends the way the original begins.

How the hell should someone name "the best" one of those songs? I couldn't do that, they are all wonderful. I'll have to vote with 10 points quite often.

What music do You all do when You don't cover Ultravox? Would love to hear of those!

I find it interesting that there are so many really giftet musicians (and I mean musicians) here on the forum! Come on, let us hear You on radio!