Hello again Chaps and Chapesses... smile

Well I'm glad I didn't upset anyone with my comments. I'll be happy to do the same for the other categories when I have the energy - I seem to have some flu-ey thing at the moment which is wearing me out.

Ole - I agree - knowing people like your stuff is a big thrill.

Ari - Mehdi said it all. Compression is the key. I'm not an expert on it though - I just tend to experiment and when I stop making a mess of the sound, I keep it...! bemused I should write down ideal settings but I don't - so I never learn.

Mrs X - Mehdi called it right again - I just meant the song was too low for you. Its an easy mistake to make (and at least you can sing, I can't).

Sleepy - So its not a MIDI file then? wink biglaugh Kid-ding... ;)If you really did record those tracks live in a single take then you have nothing to be ashamed of at all. The live thing will def be worth seeing (although how you can play anything with that gangrenous arm of yours I don't know... wink .