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[qb]...And I was wondering when I'd hear the word "cute" to describe my voice!! I was waiting for it...I was prepared! My voice doesn't record very well. I sound like I'm 12 (which I'm not! I'll be 32 next month!!) eek Mrs. X
lmao When I listened first your version of Lament, I went directly to your profile to check out, how old this girl really is! wink

Your voice fits perfectly to Lament atmosphere...itīs so vunerable, sensitive, "cute"... it makes "Lament" to even more Lament, what it was originally, I think! I like intstrumentation a lot.

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Ari : a compressor.
Yep. Thatīs it. I forgot that one. It was in my mind, it just disappeared. I just remembered one friend of mine (works in record company) told me once, every song needs some compression.

Hope you all find it enough good still.

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