Hi !
Thanks ARi (well, you and your wife).
Mrs X : i think flips sais that if the music was a few tones higher, it would fit your voice better, because now it forces you to go down too low for you and it is more difficult(mm, i have nothing to teach to anyone in this respect).
In the same time, just like it is, it is so cute, very charming :-)
Ole (and others), I noticed you asked me to make some comments, thanks for the honor, but I am not ready yet (haven't had the chance to listen to everything yet), I will re-listen tonight, but I am not good at criticisms.

Ari : a compressor. soundforge has something called wave booster (or something like that, wave-something in the tools or effects). may be you have it in your SF. it removes peaks and gives punch too basses and low-volumes (in general, you need a compressor or multiband compressor. No that hard to use. it just requires a few expriments).

I might have good news for the original track i submitted (well, another less dark-new-wave version). will keep the news for later, when i'm sure and if you are interesed.
all the best.
Mehdi (very buzy making music, again and again ;-) )