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The Thin Wall - Retrovox. Recording level was quite low...
This troubles me a bit. Mine (rec level) is also noticeable lower than others (Please turn volume up a bit!! wink ) but I have checked carefully that my song goes to "peak" 0db. It stops just there.

I made my final equalisation with Sound Forge-program, what should be good. So it seems The Thin Wall and mine recording level is Ok. Also cheked it with Reason and Cubase. The recording level canīt be any higher. Not a single bit.

I opened couple track (entries) to Sound Forge, and they were way too loud. Levels (meters) went immediadly to red.

What do you think Flip, can the song be equalised a certain way that increasing level (volume) is possible?

I might quess, the problem in my case is that I notice that my amplifierīs (connected to computer) bass was turn to lowest positions and treble to highest (my 3 years old gremlin nutjob !!), so I mixed it too much base and too low high tones for the start.
Since I noticed that, I had to mix it allover again. I had to use same original, cause there were so many things I had done already to this version. wink

But my song is enough good you to get idea, I hope wink

Hey, I am just interested in technically these things. As I have said before, ALL THE ENTRIES ARE EXELLENT, and shows this forum is indeed the real treasure with talented people.

And thank you Flip for your very professional notes about entries in Best Cover Section. PLEASE, do the same on other categories as well.

Cheers, ari <img border="0" title="" alt="[Cool]" src="cool.gif" />