Of the "Best Cover" ones, I must say the standard was very high. I haven't heard a badly produced track yet. I hope no-one minds if I share my opinions...

Lament by SlyAndyTasak - I thought this would be better in the best remix/recover section as it was a new interpretation (and a good one!), not a note for note copy of the original - I really think its in the wrong section. Very interesting arrangement - well thought out, and I like it a lot. Good use of dynamics going into the chorus and well chosen sounds.

Lament by Mrs X - instrumentally I thought this was close to the original and a really good job on some of the sounds. I think its in the wrong key for the voice though - the voice is forced quite low and goes flat a lot as a consequence. I like the voice a lot though - would be worth hearing it on something in the right key.

New Europeans by Monument. Ooer, that Mike can sing a bit... smile Guitar sound is really good, arrangement is spot on. Piano part sounds great as do the bass and strings. The double bass drum hit sounds wrong on the middle bit but the drums are good on the whole. The screechy sqwawky synth line that comes before the "New Europeans" line doesn't screech and sqwawk much, but that's nit picking - this is really good and faithful overall.

The Voice by Monument. Ooer that Mike can sing a bit... biglaugh Good drums (not sure about the syndrum sound though, it was quite high pitched and sounded like the Kelly Marie video I saw on VH1 the other day...). Strings to the fore on this and they sound great and authentic (no surprise bearing in mind the SS30 in use!). A good, driving version. The synth solo sounded like it was covered in fx and maybe could have been a bit less modern sounding, but that's only cos we're in the "most like the original" section... Monument will obviously be a good band to see live.

The Thin Wall - Retrovox. Recording level was quite low and flat which is a shame. This is the most faithful to the original in this section and must have taken a lot of time to get right. Get this decently produced and you'd be hard pushed to tell some sections of this from the original. The singer can really sing too. The low solo guitar in the right channel that leads from the chorus to the verses sounds like a keyboard which spoils it a bit, but the real guitar is spot on as are most of the keyboards - even the synth solo sounds authentically thin and unprocessed. The BVs could have done with more than 1 voice singing them...or doubling them up a bit. Otherwise, excellent. I wasn't expecting to hear anything that authentic.

We Stand Alone - Stealth. A modern sounding cover, this one. Like the vocals - they could have done with "letting go" (ie yelling a bit!) now and again, but the singer has a good voice. The drums were very machine like - on the snare rolls and fills especially - which spoiled things a bit. The heavy guitar sounds great, the lead guitar sound reminds me of The Fixx. The sync'ed oscillator sound on the solo is not 1 of my favourites (but that's just a personal thing).

There isn't 1 bad track in this section I don't reckon...