Originally posted by Mrs. X:
[b]Mike Lyden's cover of "The Thin Wall": Absolutely f*cking hilarious!!!! lmao lmao I will never listen to "Ring Of Fire" the same way again...or "The Thin Wall," come to think of it! I loved this track! smile
Thanks Mrs X. et al. Glad you enjoyed it - just a bit of fun... wink Unfortunately there's a string pattern missing from the mix which had the 'Thin Wall' intro (hence the long intro with nothing much seeming to happen)... When the comp is over I'll post a more polished version laugh .

I'm working my way through the rest of the entries just now and there are some brilliant versions. Well done everybody and good luck!

As for the Bill Shatner Mr. X, that sounds interesting... Now, where's my copy of Bill's "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"? I could have sworn I left it next to my copy of Leonard Nimoy's "Bilbo Baggins". confused shock wink