The Covers Competition is great fun both for participants and just interested parties. I've hung round this website for more years than I can care to remember and always enjoyed listening to the entries to previous competitions.

This year was the first time I've entered so I'm rather chuffed Cerise and Rob enjoyed my track enough to give it a gong.

Hardware involved: Sonar 4, EMU 404 + Emulator X2, Supernova 2 Kbd, Ensoniq SQR, Yamaha MU10, Alesis D4, Yamaha CS6R and a Behringer UB2222FX-Pro desk. The track was recorded straight on to the computer using Sonar 4 as it was also running the sequences, etc. No post production occurred. The track mixes a number of my influences including Ultravox, industrial and even a bit of psy-trance!

Seeing I actually got a gong I guess I better start thinking about firing up the beasts to see if anything comes out!