For what it's worth, having followed this thread and read the comments about the Rating system it did set me to think about why some tracks I liked were voted lower marks than some which I enjoyed less, and largely put it down to my fondness for the "real" sound of the era, with less of a liking for some of the more "modern" frantic drum rhythms.

There may be another reason, too, which I've found myself guilty of: I have a greater likelihood, in a crowded field, of listening first to covers of less common tracks, then moving on to the more often-covered ones. This means that, if I run out of time, the "usual suspects" go unheard and unrated. Equally, sometimes with the "usual suspects" I'll just listen and enjoy without rating, possibly giving a skewed impression to the viewings / ratings scores.

This may be why I'm seldom asked to judge anything.

I think that, whilst a nice idea, it's probably for the best that the Ratings have been removed. It did surprise me to see the low-ish scores obtained by OSCar's tracks which merited higher.

I know, stable door . . . shut . . . horse . . . speck on horizon . . .