Ummm...what's ITB? And...."Nebula"? confused2 smile

I found the demo to Sylenth1 yesterday actually and had a play with it. It IS really strong sounding - not sure at the moment whether I can afford to buy another "analogue" vst though. I have more VSTis than you still - I wish I could get down to just 3! biglaugh I always think "well I might need THAT sort of sound, so I'll keep THAT one and then THIS one...".

I want to work out how to incorporate my Alesis Fusion into the recording chain and maybe the Korg MS2000 too. I think some of my other hardware which gets little use now (JX 8P/PG800 and AN-1x) will be sold to make some room. Trying to be productive in practical ways while some issues in my life are getting in the way of actually writing anything. At least then its not all time wasted. smile