Yes, the GUI isn`t NI standard, but neither is the TimewARP 2600, which still is the best Arp
emulation out there. I personally don`t care that much about the GUI. Another good example of that is Sylenth 1, which I still consider as being one of the best softsynths out there.
I too got rid af a lot of my softsynths in 2009
- Ive sold almost everything including all the softsynths I used on Man Of Two Worlds.
Today I only got 3, and that is ME80,
Sylenth 1 and the good old Waldorf PPG 2V.

Compressor, EQ etc. plugins is a whole different
story...I got a lot of them, because I`ve decided
to mix ITB only, though my opninions about that was clearly the opposite after the Man Of Two Worlds project...but Ive learned a lot for the
past two months and I am very very happy about it now! I feel Ive finally seen the light and
I am able to get a really cool analog sounding mix ITB!(Code word: Nebula) cool

Best thing ever happened to my DAW but don`t tell anyone... wink