Hi everybody!

A belated happy new year to everyone! smile

Well...if the CS80 means anything to you
but for obvious reasons don`t own the original
then THIS IS the dream come true so far
- the new ME80 Aftertouch Synthesizer:

Ive bought it and played around with it for
a week or so...and damn this is cool (this
is an understatement really). It sounds outstanding and is true to the original design,
which I like a lot! It`s so expressive and fun
to play and has turned into one of my top 3
synths, though it`s not hardware!
I like it a lot more than the one from Arturia.
Unfortunately it`s only for us PC guys...so..
..sorry Billy! bemused wink

And the price is a joke...really realy cheap!

Try it out - and BUY it! Buy Buy Buy! evil

All The Best

PS: I really like to run it through a flanger
and some delay/reverb.