Hi everyone...
is there someone out there who can shed some lights on the so-called "Metamatic Demos" bootleg?

My CDR copy has 19 tracks, but among them are included tracks which I guess cannot be defined as "demos from the Metamatic sessions", such as the instrumental Quiet Men #3, which appeared on the Meridians 2 cassette tape. Also, other tracks seem to be just poor quality recordings on tape of songs released on singles (such as "Burning Car", "Mr. No", "Glimmer"). They're the original versions, just recorded by someone on tape in a lo-fi way.

I know that copies with a shorter tracklisting, probably featuring just the proper "demos", exist. Some songs have mysterious titles, such as "Jamie's Theme"...does anybody know if among these tracks are those planned for inclusion in the "Identification Of A Woman" soundtrack and shelved by the movie director?

Does anybody have an "official tracklisting"?

Thanks for any help!!!