Gosh, I feel dreadful as this is my first time on here for months and I’m only replying to the thread now… only about 2 months after the event! I have to disagree with some of the comments made.
The evenings events: I thought JORI HULKKONEN’s DJ set was rather poor and nothing I could not do with a few cd players, an effects unit and Ableton Live. As for Gary… I don’t really care… it was only a DJ set! Yes, I was one who left and did not stay! They may have been a good reason for him to be late… but very poor showing (only if it was for family reasons). You know get in car.. drive or get to train station and arrive in London for 5pm. Not rocket science Gary! I know the Numan fans were disappointed but to be honest I not sure why there is the need to put so many acts on in one evening.
As for John’s set or is that sets? I really enjoyed them! Maybe not so much the newer stuff. I loved the effected vocals, but there again I enjoy industrial music. I thought the whole set was slightly more industrial then 80’s new romantics. There’s always going to be technical stuff going wrong with so many analogue synths kicking around. They have a tendency to drift out of tune and do things strange things and have a mind of their own. If you want nice in tune songs then stick to digital as did Ultravox in their last tour.
Yes, I agree there could have been a few more songs from other Foxx albums… I would have loved to have heard The Garden which I think is one of his best. The introduction of guitar and real drum added something to the sound. When you listen to Foxx tracks you would be surprised in how much guitar there is kicking around.
If they release a CD/DVD for me I hope they don’t alter the sound too much as it will lose its raw power. I’d rather have something a little rough, with bum notes, out of tune synths then some polished rather digital release.