Hi Folks!
Surfing in the web can be much fun. Especially, when you're surfing for you own old domainname.
Some of you may remember, that there was a page, decated to Midge Ure, which was called: www.erkbaum".de".
I've lost this domain during a change and some other problems with my ISP and now this name has been "stolen" (well, not stolen, it was free).
But now, the "well known" erkbaum.de is no longer a Midge related fanpage, now ist a lyrics server.
But also with an expensive dialer.
So, don't blame ME for that, i have absolutely nothing in common with those guys, they've robbed MY NICKNAME for a stupid dialersite withou asking me!
It's a shame it's annoying for me, but it's unfortunately correct in law.
So don't surf this site.
My site is ww.erkbaum.com and www.erkenboelling.de

Best regards