The site's back online and it's great to be here! And it's great to know a new John Foxx album will be with us so soon!!

I've been a fan of John's music for 5 years now. A friend (who used to know John pre-Ultravox!) recommended his music to me, by coincidence not long before Modern Art came out (followed by the reissues).

I so clearly remember in those early days looking at jpegs of John's unavailable albums and unreleased albums (Metatronic etc) on the internet, and looking at for the first time.

I remember being fascinated by his album covers and so curious and excited to find out what music was behind those covers.

Five years later I've got all the albums and have the pleasure of knowing so many cool fellow FoxxFans on this forum.

If I had some wine I'd raise a toast!
Here's to John, a new album, a tour and fandom!!