Nation 12's long-lost album, Electrofear is going to be released by Tape Modern Records on the 14th of November.

The album includes John Foxx's collaboration with Tim Simenon, Remember, plus Nation 12's second single, Electrofear. However, most of the material has never been heard before. In total there are seventy-seven minutes of music including vocal-led John Foxx songs such as Shadow Dancing, Your Kisses Burn and She Was, as well as very different versions of Cities of Light and Invisible Women. The album was rescued from obscurity by a John Foxx fan and then restored and mastered at Serendipity. The full track-listing is as follows...

01. Nation 12
02. She Was
03. Shadow Dancing
04. Florian
05. Electrofear
06. Listen to the Drummer
07. Leaving
08. Into the Wonderful
09. Cities of Light 1
10. Your Kisses Burn
11. Remember
12. Concrete / Bulletproof / Invisible
13. Invisible Women
Additional Tracks
14. Electrofear (Alternative Mix)
15. Invisible Women (Electronic Mix)
16. Remember (Sub Dub Mix)

I'll post further details as soon as I find out more myself... laugh