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Just thought you might like to know that Thomas Dolby was recently approached by the label 'Crepuscule' about if he would be agreeable for them to re-release the FBWL cassette that came out originally in 1980 in CD form. Tom had an early version of 'Airwaves' on it. So I'm guessing that John will also be approached about this too (if he hasn't already!). So fingers crossed ..... excited

What no posts?!? eek

Ion-ah, that's my favourite Dolby track! On the original CD release of FBWL it's the track that follows from John's opener Musique D'Ameublement ie Jingle 1. BTW The CD also ends with another JF Jingle.

The single version of Airwaves is quite good and can be found on his Retrospectacle compilation which is worth buying. There's also the album version of course, The Golden Age of Wireless, a very JF sounding title.

The version on FBWL happens to be the demo version of course and this version can make nostalgia seem a beautiful thing.

BTW John would be very pleased and bemused to be approached again. Brussels proved to John not only to be a musical adventure but a romantic one. He fell in love with Brussels passionately and it's probably his second home. All happened to him in such mysterious ways.

John, please release the 5 jingles. A work of art in its brevity indeed! laugh

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